Organic Chetoui – Robust (Tunisia)

Organic Chetoui – Robust (Tunisia)

Our highest phenol olive oil to date! Grassy aroma coupled with tasting notes of subtle berry fruit and bright citrus blossoms.

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Crush Date:  November 2017

Country of Origin: (Tunisia)

Robust Intensity

This is our highest phenol olive oil to date! This single varietal extra virgin olive oil displays Tuscan-style characteristics; a grassy aroma coupled with unique tasting notes of subtle berry fruit and bright citrus blossom. It contains both green fruit and ripe fruit notes – a bitter, fruity center with an abundance of pungency.

Chemistry Analysis (.As measured at the time of crush.):

Biophenols: 866.0
FFA: 0.22
Oleic Acid: 66.9
Peroxide: 07.8
DAGs: 90.0
PPP: 1.2

Sensory Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 5.4
Bitterness: 4.7
Pungency: 5.2