Picholine- Robust (Australia)

Picholine- Robust (Australia)

Grassy nose with layered notes of apple peel and creamy green banana. Low bitterness.

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Crush Date:  May 2017

Country of Origin: (Australia)

Robust Intensity

Loaded with desirable pungency and herbaceous attributes, this robust Picholine displays green olive, savory herb and vegetal qualities. Desirable spice and lingering pepper. High fruitiness score.

Chemistry Analysis (As measured at the time of crush.):

Polyphenols: 440
FFA: 0.10
Oleic Acid: 72.8
Peroxide: 05.4
DAGs: 97.5
PPP: <0.2

Sensory Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 6.0
Bitterness: 4.3
Pungency: 4.8