What is Ultra Premium Standard?

What is Ultra Premium Standard?

Have you ever heard of the Ultra Premium (UP) Standard certification? Chances are, you haven’t. But at Splash of Olive, we believe that everyone who buys olive oil should know what they are not only buying, but what they are serving to their loved ones.

Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Ultra Premium Standard is a new category of olive oil. It was established because of the growing problem of other kinds of oils being mixed in with olive oil and then being labeled and sold as olive oil when only some of the oil was actually from olives.

The UP certification is used to distinguish the highest quality olive oil available in the world. When you see the UP logo, like you will see in Splash of Olive, you will know that it is the highest grade of olive oil available.

Often, olive oil is marketed to consumers based on where the oil is produced. The more important questions that people should be asking are “When, What, and How” the oil is made.

The UP standard uses chemistry and freshness as the main gauges to measure, quantify, and certify. Since the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) comes from high quality olives paired with a high quality production processes, the UP standard has strict requirements for both the end-product as well as the oil production process.

Dr. Andrew Weil spoke about the problematic issue of adulterated olive oil in his books and on his website:

The designation ‘extra virgin’ is also problematic. Mueller’s article pointed out that even the stringent taste tests established by the International Olive Oil Council to determine which oils qualify as ‘extra virgin’ have their limitations – in Italy, producers often successfully appeal a negative verdict by arguing that samples were incorrectly collected or stored, or by resubmitting their samples to a friendlier panel.

Dr. Weil also went on to offer his personal advice: “Buy small bottles of a certified organic oil…such oils are not cheap, because they rely on careful cultivation that preserves olive oils legendary taste and health benefits. But the reward is more than worth it.”

Because all EVOO naturally oxidizes as it ages, losing positive sensory qualities as well as inheriting defects, it is important to get the freshest oil available in order to get the health and flavor benefits.

When choosing the oil that you plan to use, be sure that you use one with the UP standard to guarantee the finest extra virgin olive oils available in the world. At Spalsh of Olive, we carry such oils and would be happy to assist you in choosing the right ones for your needs. We invite you in to get a better education about oils and to sample the variety that we carry.

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